Taipei Veterans General Hospital is a national leading medical center and a teaching hospital that provides patient care, medical educational and residency programs in Taiwan.

Therapeutical and Research Center of Musculoskeletal Tumor as an orthopedic specialty, dedicated to advancing sarcoma treatment and research. The Skeleton Bank at Taipei Veterans General Hospital is the first institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan. An average of 300 patients, 60% of osteosarcoma treatments in Taiwan are performed at our center.

Biological reconstruction with allograft or recycled autografts is our valued procedure for bone sarcoma treatment. With Pedicle Freezing technique, Freezing Recycle Autograft could be performed without osteotomy that leads bone tumor patients’ function restoration to another level of advance. Acknowledge the advantages of bone structure restoration and biological union, we will continuously endeavor to research and implement advanced techniques.

Our Team

Wei-Ming Chen, MD, Prof.

Superintendent, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Po-Kuei Wu, MD, PhD

Chief, Therapeutical and Research Center of Musculoskeletal Tumor, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Chao-Ming Chen, MD


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